Monday, September 05, 2011

Lack Of Page Views For Writers On Writing Sites - Glitches Or Something More?...

I've recently started putting up writing articles on my website, It's been interesting to compare the amount of hits I get, as opposed to the amount of hits I get on various writing sites.

I post links of my writing articles on Twitter, and the comparisons between the results from various sites pose some questions.

Curiously, similar writing articles on my website get twice as many hits as similar articles on some other writing sites. Despite Google's Panda causing mayhem recently, some of the writing sites I write for still get many more visitors to their websites than mine, so why the differences?

Glitches are the most obvious cause, especially for webpages laden with ads. But I hope that's all it is... For the record, the sites that get comparable hits to are Helium and HubPages.