Monday, November 07, 2005

Live 8 Blog (late!) U2, Who, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., Macca, Robbie, Kaiser Chiefs

Worrying about our missing cat, Suki, meant I was never going to enjoy Live 8 as much as Live Aid.

Live 8 was good. Not as good as Live Aid, as not such a good line-up, but that's not what it's about really. Madonna upset a lot of people (my Mother included) with her puerile swearing, and the cruel pheasant shooter also, according to the tabloids, upset Pink Floyd, because she overran her rehearsal time, and they ended up having little time to rehearse. I switched off when she was on, but wasn't disappointed with any of the acts I wanted to see. Though the BBC cutting into REM in full flow, with a meaningless interview, was a major cock-up. U2 were hot - sort of a given. Worked well with Macca. Thought Pete Townshend's guitar playing was blindingly good. Hope I have that much verve at his age. McCartney's still in good voice, and Pink Floyd were very accomplished considering their lack of rehearsing. Wish Kaiser Chiefs had been on the London bill. My favourite band at the moment (though I forget their name sometimes!). Just something about them. Their music and dress sense is a successful amalgam I think. Robbie Williams probably stole the show. I quite like him, but not to the extent I've bought any of his stuff, but he's a great showman.

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