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Monday, April 07, 2014


Clash/Public Image Ltd. founding member  Keith  Levene  has  donated  a  vintage  Supro  guitar  to  raise awareness of the April 19, 2014 global Record Store Day. The black and white guitar will be given away a promotion the Mike & Jenyr’s  Q106.7 FM radio program celebrating Record Store Day.

“I’m getting involved in this way because I want to do everything I can in support of what, unfortunately, appears to be a dying but very important industry,” declares Levene.

“A music lover simply cannot have the same unique experience in some bland corporate chain that can be had in a mom-and-pop type record store establishment.  I have personally  spent  countless hours at  record stores and then at home listening to vinyl, and enjoying the artwork and liner notes that accompanied the music,” adds the legendary guitarist.

Although Levene has owned and used countless guitars over the years, his Supro  is  special  to  him  as  it  was  used  to  compose  music  for  his forthcoming  album “Commercial  Zone  2014”  release  –  a  project  which represents more than three decades of his work.

In 1982-1983, Levene started composing what was intended to be PiL’s fourth album, the Commercial Zone.  However, lack of support and creative differences over that album led the fiercely independent Levene to leave PiL  and  abandon the project.  A  crowdfunding  campaign,  which will  run through April 28, 2014, has been established on Indiegogo to help bring the project  to  market.

“I acquired my Supro not at a music store chain but at a mom-and-pop vintage  store  and  it  helped  me  finish  unfinished  Commercial  Zone business.  Now, hopefully, it will help bring some commercial business to independent record stores,” Levene says.

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Keith Levene playing his Supro guitar
Keith Levene playing his Supro