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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Andrew Bruce - Hartlepool Musician, Poet, Writer And Photographer Dies At 54

My great friend, Andrew Bruce, co-founder of The Peace & Freedom Band and Peace & Freedom Press, has passed away. He was the most gentle friend I've ever had.

Andrew was born on July 26th, 1962, the only son of John and Sheila Bruce, and brother of Wendy and Julie. Very proud of his Hartlepool roots, Andrew co-founded Peace & Freedom Press and co-formed The Peace & Freedom Band in the mid-1980s. A humanitarian, free thinker, animal and nature lover, Andrew was a gifted guitarist, keyboard player, poet, writer, and photographer. He was also adding art to his range of skills before he was suddenly taken from this Earth and his family and friends at the age of just 54 in April, 2017. On the page below you will find a selection of Andrew's work, and feel free to share.