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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Fighter Jets Noise Pollution Over Whaplode Drove

For two months now the noise from fighter jets has been horrendous over Whaplode Drove. As I type, I'm trying to listen to David Bowie via headphones, and he's drowned out by the hideous din up in the sky.

Almost every weekday there's hours of noise from these planes, and it just seems like the MOD are taking the piss because rural communities don't matter. No doubt there'll be those living in towns and cities who say that it can't be that bad. Trust me, it is. It's like hearing a loud rave of crap music for a few hours every day, with a break at the weekend.

Yesterday the noise was more of a non-stop droning for a few hours, before it stopped well into the evening. The North Sea's a big area, so go and practice over there, RAF! It doesn't feel like you're protecting me - more like making my life a misery!