Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jonny Still Good

Jonny Wilkinson made an awesome return to the England rugby union team last Saturday, in England's 42-20 win over Scotland in the 6 Nations, after over three years out. Champions of any sport just have a different mentality, and so, for Jonny, coming back to a struggling England side at Twickenham was obviously not going to faze him.

It takes a lot to get this cynical old git excited (and my silent friend Helga has a puncture again), but Jonny Wilkinson did the trick. Brilliant kicking, brilliant handling, 27 points, and even the officials decided to reward his efforts by giving him a try - which even my dodgy peepers could see wasn't.

Jonny seems a nice bloke, too, and he must be good on the guitar now. He's had plenty of time to practice...

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